Welcome to Flight Without Fear

wing sunset logo taglineOur program is designed to help individuals who want or need to fly but are afraid. The goal of the Flight Without Fear program is to overcome the physical and emotional reactions – fear and anxiety – felt by fearful flyers as a result of previously learned experiences.

Aviaphobia or Aviophobia are terms used to label a fear of flying. Most phobias are learned responses and, therefore, can be unlearned. We find that many people who are afraid to fly may have other fears such as: claustrophobia, a fear of being in confined spaces, acrophobia, a fear of great heights, or a fear of not being in control. Many fearful flyers have had traumatic experiences or negative emotions while actually flying, associated with flying or watching flying on television or in the movies.

We are individuals and we understand that there is no one method to help you unlearn your fear. Our approach combines five primary components:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Systemic Desensitization
  • Relaxation
  • Education
  • Peer Support

To learn more about these five components, please see our CLASSES page.

FWF Fall 2013?Unique to our program is graduation flight where all students, staff, and graduate staff fly to a destination, have brunch, and return to Denver. You will have the support of our staff, graduate volunteers, and other students on board the flights with you to help you use the techniques you have discovered work best to help you manage your fear and remind you of the truths you learned about airplanes.

We have run our program for over 15 years. We have a 90% success rate. Our graduates are so happy with their success to be flying that they return to help you in class and on the graduation flight.